Accueil Non classé Alavaka Vanaprastha Micro Run at Lulubell

Alavaka Vanaprastha Micro Run at Lulubell

Alavaka Vanaprastha Micro Run at Lulubell Lulubell-DHP-1-580x580

Alavaka Vanaprastha is a new micro run of Alavaka by Devils Head Productions, painted by Dski One. This release marks the start of journey to the bodhi tree for a long rest for Alavaka, who made his debut back in 2013. Alavaka will be making a few last appearances in Fall of 2018 before resting undisturbed and contemplating his future for some time.

Sold blind, with 2 GID vinyl chase figures possible in this micro run, each toy comes with the standard body and both heads. The Alavaka Vanaprastha will be available exclusively from Lulubell’s online store today – September 7th 2018 – at Noon PT for $80.00 plus shipping (includes alternate head – shown below).




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